Are you ready to SPROUT a harmonious musical connection with the children in your life?

Replace costly private lessons, isolating screen time, and feelings of disconnect from your child with a bonding musical experience that will transform your relationship for the rest of your life.

Are You Ready to bring music into your child's life?

Parents, caretakers and loving family members

Do you want to bring an atmosphere of music into your home?

If there has been a lot of screen time in your house as of late - no judgement there ☺️ - playing music can add focus, fun, and harmony to your home all while providing a wonderful alternative to the growing pull of the screen.

Do you want to have more quality time with your child while you both learn something new?​​

Playing music with your children is an exceptional bonding experience. Rather than hiring a private lesson teacher for your young child, you can share the heart centered connection that music brings into your family environment all while learning the basics of how to play the ukulele! Down the road, private lessons may become essential, but you can get your children started at home first.

Are you a musician, babysitter or child care provider?​

Our teacher training is not only for parents, but also for musicians, babysitters or child care providers who are looking to bring some ukulele magic ✨ to their community!  Ukulele SPROUTS can be a wonderful "feeder program" for your school, and we recommend group learning for young children and their parents!

Do you think you aren't a good enough musician to teach the basics of ukulele?​

The actual technical aspects of playing a ukulele, especially at the beginner level are pretty simple. What’s more important is the philosophy and methodology behind the S.P.R.O.U.T.S. curriculum, the importance of the ritual and routine of music, and the deeper level understandings of creating a home environment that allows your child to thrive creatively.

Are You Ready to bring music into your child's life?

About music, you're probably wondering...​


  • Improves Hand-Eye Coordination! Playing music improves the dexterity of a child by increasing acute motor skills.

  • ​Self Discipline! Playing the ukulele is actually fun, which makes kids want to practice and learn how to focus on a self imposed goal.

  • Improve Cognitive Function! ​Mastering the art of playing the ukulele, or any instrument really, is pretty much the brain’s equivalent of training for and running a marathon.

  • ​Increase Self Motivation! Self motivation grows when a child feels empowered to create and advance.  Music offers a child creative innovation, and the joy of learning becomes motivation in itself.


  • Quality Time! The best thing you can do for your 3-6 year old child is develop quality time rituals that enhance your maternal or paternal bond with your child.

  • ​Less Screen Time! While virtual learning is a wonderful way for adults to self-educate, additional screen time is detrimental to a young child's brain.

  • YOU Can Be A Beginner, Too! Our curriculum is SO EASY, ANY parent or caregiver can learn it and apply it with a very minimal time commitment. You will learn together over time.

  • Save Money! Private lessons can be costly, so while your child is still at this tender age, save money by helping them begin their musical journey at home.


  • Great First Instrument! It's a wonderful starting place for children because it FITS IN THEIR HANDS.

  • Easy to Carry! Take it camping, on road trips, to the park, etc.

  • Easy to Tune! We'll immediately send you a free tuning video directly after you join our community and you will be able to tune your child's ukulele in about 3 minutes.

  • ​Great “Gateway” Instrument! For families interested in other stringed instruments - learn the “abc’s” of strings without the prohibitive cost or physical limitations of fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar or bass.

Music is fundamentally about being, playing, and growing together.

Just like language, music is a shared, expressive, inventive, portable way to be together. If utilized correctly, it can be a powerful tool for deep connection in your household. 


Founder Phoebe Hunt Speaks About Planting "Seeds Of Music" at TEDxPaloAltoSalon

Your investment in Ukulele SPROUTS* Parent Teacher Training is $1997.

One time investment of $1997 or

3 monthly installments of $697

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Examples of experiences parents have had bringing music into their children's lives.

"When we first started with Phoebe Hunt, we were looking for a way to share our deep love of music with our twin boys. The classes are easy to follow and made understanding the foundations of the ukulele so simple, we had the boys playing along with us within weeks.

Matt Forehand

Birmingham, AL

I’m learning to create zones of intention within my home that will help nurture a creative musical space for my children. I’m learning to ask them questions instead of correcting. I’m humbled to learn from a great teacher like Phoebe. Don’t hesitate to jump in!!"​

Sarah Leslie​

Austin TX

“Music has become a natural part of our bedtime routine and I can’t get them to brush their teeth until we play 10 rounds of "tucker", a few rounds of” its so easy” and a bunch of "loony bird"!  The consistency and rhythm is really key for them to know what to expect. It’s working!!”​

Renee deLota

Austin TX

Do not miss out the opportunity to learn how to grow with your child through music...


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